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The Demo, Kickstarter, and Steam Greenlight campaigns are almost ready to go, so we're excited to announce that on September 17th they should all launch simultaneously around 1pm CT. We really hope you'll enjoy the demo and back it. If you want more details about everything in the demo and some of the reward tiers keep reading.

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So we want you to try out the demo, love it, and back the game on Kickstarter. The "main" reward tier will be $15 for the game when it launches. That will get you Spacewrights downloads DRM free on all open platforms, as well as one digital key. Ideally you also vote for us on Steam Greenlight. That way the digital key can be a Humble Bundle key which lets you download your DRM free copies, as well as claim your Steam key. That’s a lot of Spacewrights for $15.

The higher tiers will give you more Spacewrights goodness: extra copies, early access, design things in the game, etc. All the rewards are digital to keep our goal as low as possible.

So to help convince everyone to back our game we will have the demo releasing alongside these campaigns. It’s a meaty demo that has been pretty thoroughly tested. Testers are really liking it and playing it for long periods of time, we hope you'll agree with them.

Here’s specifically what you'll get in the demo:

  • 20 different ships to use or fight
    • You start with 3 basic ships, with 9 more to unlock
    • 3 special "boss" ships
    • 5 special ships that launch from other carrier ships (drones and fighters)
    • Less than half of the ships have been shown on this website, so there are plenty of unseen ships to fight and unlock
  • Approximately 200 different systems, consoles, and clones to find and use in your fleet
    • 12 "core" parts are unlocked when you start, so there’s a lot of new loot to find
    • Mostly room systems
    • Most of the systems on the About page are usable. Plenty of weapons, shields, and support systems to try out. Combat is ever changing with so many possibilities
  • 4 Playable alien races
    • Humans: balanced
    • Androids: slow and fragile, but do not need to breathe
    • Brikta: Tough, durable, and smart
    • Vwee: Quick and deadly with their deadly scythe melee attack
    • 3 Jobs level up and choose from:
      • Recruit: Starting job
      • Technician: Support job for repairing and manning computer consoles
      • Soldier: Increased attack and health for boarding and man vs man combat.
  • 5 different hazards to deal with
    • Fires can break out and burn through your ship
    • Cryonic weapons can freeze the air into Cryostones that must be broken down.
    • Toxins poison the air to kill off crew members
    • 2 more rarer and much more dangerous contaminations we’ll leave you to discover
  • Survival mode
    • Survive against waves of enemy ships wanting to destroy your fleet
    • Unlock new loot after every wave that you can use right away to help you, and it is permanently unlocked for customization in your hangar
    • Special boss ships and space stations every 10th wave
    • Salvage events to help guide what you loot, as well as break up the battle with fun events
  • Hangar mode
    • Customize each ship in your fleet with the parts you unlock from survival runs
    • Use tetris style blocks to place the systems, as well as consoles and clones inside each room
  • Plenty of settings to tinker around with
    • Change your fleet color to your liking
    • Three survival difficulties to modify what you can unlock and how easy the AI is on you
    • Tweak graphical and audio settings
  • New version checker so you get the latest bug fixes, and possibly new features
  • Plenty of links and information to our kickstarter, webpage, game engine, credits, etc.
  • Windows only. The Android and iOS builds are still pretty buggy and we don’t want to spend another month debugging it while everything else is ready.
    • It should run on any PC that can run Windows 7 or 8. It’s a 2D game, it's not demanding.
  • It's really fun. There’s a lot of depth to it all. This hardly covers everything in the game.

Honestly the demo is so packed we could release it as a cheaper, smaller, indie title. But we are hoping all the awesomeness we've crammed into the demo will encourage as many people as possible to back the Kickstarter so we can finish the adventure mode, where the meat of the game is.

Feel free to ask any questions about specifics. We're still polishing up the reward tiers to make sure we can deliver to highest tiers. As well as fixing up the demo with the feedback from our testers as we start distributing it to more friends.

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