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'This post reveals the many ships In the rebel uprings mod

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This post is to show the many different ship types that will implemented into the mod.

For one of the maps for galactic conquest there will be a three stage game mod to deepen the rebellions gameplay mechanics all the through the many stage of the galactic civil war. This will be revealed in a later post.

This list will be added to as more information is released. Some ships will be added from the early eras of the new republic to ad more verity.

Rebel Alliance

cr90 corvette, nebulon B, Petra class frigate, quasar fire class carrier, Dornean gunship,hammer head corvette, Taylander shuttle, gr-75 transport mc80 (home one) mc80, mc80 wingless, mc80 liberty class, mc75, the raddus,Star hawk class battle ship and the Assault cruiser.

(these last 2 are actually cannon)

x-wings, a-wings, b-wings, z-95 headhunters, y-wings, u-wing


light cruiser, Gazonti, (quasar, nebulon b only in stage one they can built), interdicter, star destroyer 1, star destroyer 2 and the super star destroyer

tie fighter, tie bomber, tie advance, tie intercepter, the tie defende, tie striker and the lambda shuttle

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