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Looks like I'm all set up on modDB and ready to go!

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I'll be trying to update this page as much as I can but if you want some more information about the mod or just to follow development progress then you can also take a look at the taleworlds thread:

where I occasionally post comments.

Recently I've been working on boarding. I've been doing some experiments with the physics system to see how diverse it is. I'm hoping I can implement bobbing ships, with physics props lying around, cannon balls rolling down the deck and smoke/sparks coming off objects as they're hit by bullets. Overall I want it to seem as hectic as possible.

Also I'd like to get some swinging ropes working but I'm still considering how to approach such a thing.

Either way, by the time I have something to show I'll be sure to upload another video.

As another shameless request, I am looking for a couple of talented artists to help me out with the mod. I'm trying to keep the quality of the art fairly high but if you're interested please send me an e-mail or a PM!

- Dan

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