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Here is the changes to all races again! Keep in mind that this is still alpha.

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Change Log: Version : Alpha .2Graphic updates: There are 5 of them...Force Field, Psi Storm, Archon while morphing, Immortal death animation, Marine death animation.In game changes...

TERRAN:Seige Mode to Seige Tanks will take 5 seconds, Unsiege still is only 4 seconds.Thor original attack to air increased.Marauder ranged attack bug fixed.Reaper attack now shoots faster but only shoots left then right then left but not both.Raven seeker missile needs no required upgrade.Hellion flame blast to structures increased x1.5.Marine does 2 shots every 1 second now.Stim Pack increases the speed of bio by 65% now including attack.Banshee cloak cost decreased from 200/200 to 150/150.ZERG:Queen attack is now lowered for both ground and air.Zergling attack decreased.Roach health decreased.Ultralisk attack defaulted.Drone health becomes 35.Hydralisk health decreases.Overlord supply increased to 10 each but each overlord takes up 2 supply. New max for zerg supply is 300.Infestor fungal damage defaulted with the energy required to use the spell.All zerg units costs and build times are decreased.PROTOSS:Zealot charge now leads the zealot with quick early strike faster and 2x5 damage.Zealot cooldown for 1/2 second required after charge attack.Stalker shooting rate is faster.Force fields added into the sentry abilities.Sentry's attack increased.Sentry cost and build times increased a little bit.Mothership cloak radius increased to it's sight range.Mothership attack increased.

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