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Here are the change log for all three races.They are now included in-game.

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IMPORTANT:These changes are extra tweaks from my original mod, therefore, you will know that this mod already has star-craft 2 features. These are bonus tweaks. All changed settings are here.

New updates:
New graphics for all units.
Yellow mineral field exists.
New animations for all units.
New gameplay.
New campaign.

Queen has double attack for air.
Hydralisks have an increased range.
Roaches have an increased range.
Zergling attack is extremely fast in start of game. No need to upgrade the attack speed.
Overlord speed upgrade is now available at hatchery and not lair.
Overseer can load units now but can only load up to 2 supply.
Creep tumors cannot be destroyed.
Infestor fungal does 80 damage in 10 seconds instead of 36 in 6 seconds.
Infestor fungal energy increased from 75 to 100.
Ultra-lisk attack changed into Omega-lisk type of attack.
Ultra-lisk attack changed from 30 to 35.
Lurker, and Guardian added into multiplayer gameplay.

Siegetank attack's radius (or splash) increased by triple.
Siegetank attack to light units decreased from 50 to 35.
Siegetank attack to massive decreased from 70 to 45.
Marine health turns from 45 to 60 once combat shield is finished.
Marine attack damage decreased from 6 to 4.
Viking missiles have splash damage the size of original siegetank blast.
Viking health decreased from 125 to 120. Assault mode health decreased from 80 to 75.
Viking starts attacking once landed but the first few bullets misses.

Cobra, Vulture, Firebat, Medic, Wraith, and many Heros added into multiplayer gameplay.

Tempest blast has splash.
Zealot charge range increased.
Carrier interceptor attacks weakened.
Dragoon is added into game.
New unit:Sentry Templar. He looks like a high templar but he can attack with sentry attack but also he can Psi-Storm. Cost is 100 minerals 150 gas.
Scout added into game.
Scout's ground attack increased from 10 to 15.
Dark Templar attack decreased from 45 to 40.

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