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Hey Scavengers, here we want to share with you all of the updates, patches, fixes etc. that came out for the game. We will be updating it with every new update coming out.

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Hey Scavengers,

here we want to share with you all of the updates, patches, fixes etc. that came out for the game. We will be updating it with every new update coming out.

0.2.2 Changelog:

  • Fixed ship generation bugs that could lead to quest contents not being available in a derelict (doesn't fix existing saves, sorry).
  • Fixed some script bugs affecting Medic's passive abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where a card script might occasionally discard wrong cards.

0.2.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed combat freezing with some combinations of reactive cards and status effects.
  • Fixed Aidrone not being able to handle the tragic loss of its friends and freezing combat.
  • Fixed Puncture changing shield-only damage (such as the EMP Grenade) to health damage.
  • Fixed the card selector panel in combat stretching too wide with a lot of cards; also speeded up the card animation.
  • Fixed layering problems with some combat UI elements, such as unit health/status indicators overlapping cards during card selection.
  • Fixed Scrapper/Divert Energy issues with discarding and drawing. It also now allows you to select the cards to discard.
  • Fixed Medic/Adrenaline Booster initiative values.
  • Fixed Cobra's Regeneration not doing anything on the first turn and using wrong healing values.
  • Fixed Buddynaut Crush not destroying cover.

0.2 Changelog:

  • Character level 4 unlocked. Specializations are not yet open.
  • One level 4 ship added to starmap. Actual Tier 2 ships will come in a later update, but this is something to test and play with in the meantime.
  • Enemies can now move on the map - watch out!
  • The scanner now shows more information about map contents when you hover over a room.
  • 2 new main missions, 2 new side missions, a new contract and a few other new random encounters added.
  • Unique lore datapads may be found in the derelicts.
  • New room backgrounds and character portraits added.
  • Added a Sell All Junk button to the station shop.
  • Arena updated with 4 new encounters, rebalanced loot drops, removed empty tiles on the map (now just combat after combat) and puncture possibility in Arena minimized from enemies (only Knife with Piercing strike and spawned wurmlings occasionally proc puncture). Overall, it should be more challenging.
  • A lot of card fixes and balance updates, for example:
  • puncture chances have been lowered across the board
  • critical hit damage bonus is now 1.5x instead of 2x
  • almost all enemies and player characters have received an increase in health and shield amounts and the damage output on early levels has been slightly reduced We have more changes in mind for puncture, as well as balance in general.
  • Localization support implemented and Russian translation added. More languages to follow.. Note: We are aware of some issues with the Russian localization and will update it later.
  • Added sounds for Cobra, Necroguard, Skink, Juggernaut/Buddynaut and level 4 class abilities
  • A lot of the extensions now can spawn with 0 cards while the number of cards and the chance of spawning higher number of cards on weapon cores has been increased.

New Equipment: - Power Generators and Field Scanners can be purchased from the shop (if available) and deployed on a ship from the Actions menu: - Generators power up rooms in an area. Actions cost no energy in powered rooms, with the exception of emergency boost in combat. - Scanners keep map tiles in an area visible and reveal enemy movement.

Inventory UI Improvements: - You can filter items based on the equipment type. - There is now a toggle for keeping the inventory sorted by item type. - Clicking an equipment slot shows items that are compatible with that slot. Click again to restore normal inventory view. - Clicking an equipment mod slot shows mods that are compatible with the equipped weapon. - While dragging an item, hovering over the next or previous page button changes the page.

0.1.3 Changelog:

  • Fixed problems with Steam offline mode.
  • Added some safety checks for savefiles.
  • Fixed some controllers affecting UI navigation in the inventory and shop.
  • Fixed base unit health/shield values being displayed for a moment when starting combat.

0.1.2. Changelog:

  • Switched to nice human-friendly version numbers.
  • Fixed some UI elements (especially in combat) not handling resolution changes.
  • Fixed Emerson not accepting the news of Friedman's demise. He will now be happy about the fact that you murdered a person. You monster.
  • Fixed edge scrolling issues on the map screen, and added state-of-the-art WASD and arrow key technology for scrolling.
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