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You have definitely played Modern Warfare 2 with the Spetsnaz side? But did you try this All-Out-New Spetsnaz Mod?

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Maybe you have played Modern Warfare 2 with the Spetsnaz Mod that got published in 2016, but you are tired of repeatedly playing the same mod over and over again.

What about you playing all missions with Spetsnaz Mod? In 2016 I was going through the internet and found a Spetsnaz Mod that runs on some missions, but I really wished it worked on all missions, No one had the balls to make a Spetsnaz Mod that runs all missions, with a storyline that makes sense.

After my modding journey with Call of Duty 4, and with the Valuable help of the modders that helped me, Sovietmann and SovietDonbass, I created mods I always wanted to play.

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Meanwhile, I'm still creating mods for MW2, using models, textures and skins I created, or found on the internet, but mostly I create them.

Also changing voiceovers, yes, you read it right, but not all of them, I'm not that rich to pay money to studios to make voiceovers for me, but I do use "when possible" voiceovers from other games, and also applies to music.

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