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The Demo will include changes to both the Rebellion and the Empire.

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The Changes mentioned will be listed here:

Stormtrooper Changes:
Given Shotgun (DP-23)

Shotgun infinite ammo, 3 shots per clip

Improved Model

Shock Trooper Changes:
Improved Model

Sniper Changes:
Improved Model

Engineer Changes:
Improved Model

Officer Changes:
None yet

Dark Trooper Changes:
New Weapon: E23 Advanced Carbine

Given Mortar Launcher

Improved Model

Health Boost

JetPack nerf

Movement Speed Nerf

Now for the rebellion:

Rebel Soldier Changes:
Given Shotgun

(No changes to any other default classes, will be changed)

Bothan Spy Changes:
Movement Speed increased

Wookie Warrior Changes:
Health Buff

Weapon Accuracy increased

Speed Decreased

These changes for tested alot by me, everything i did has a purpose, but if something is too far one way or the other shoot me a DM on Discord (Chaotic#1870)

Gogie: Improved Models for:
Dark Trooper
Rocket Launcher
Help with editing these sides and models!

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