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After six months of changes, this mod is closer to completion. It still will evolve for sometime though changes will be more focused on the maps which are far from complete.

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First of all, I must be grateful to all you marvelous legends for making this project meaningful. I evolved as the mod did which shows how much time has passed. For that, you all deserve an improved update of this mod. While I have been going through more downs with this development (dissillusionment in particular), that doesn't change how awesome it is that people like my work. People actually like this.

Ali's Challenger v0.8

There isn't a whole lot that can be done to the mod itself. The sprites are great and the game-play keeps being optimized based on what discoveries are made during map testing. Most of the work now would include my edits to the maps and the implementation of ideas from the fans.

Here is the Trailer:

Epic Fan Videos (Some are older):

Awesome testers, fans, and supporters:
warriorbug, A Masked Man, Moa_Dixon™, A_Fricking_Heretic, GOLDƎNMOBSTƎЯ72, JMartinez2098, Saad356
and I hope I didn't forget anyone!!

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