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Every AvP2 weapon mentioned here :3 And just because these bitches are making me write 50 characters :l I will just type random stuff...

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AvP2, or Aliens vs Predator 2, is a PC game made by Rebellion in the late 1990's. (I think) The game was made by Rebellion, ran on the Lithtech engine, and was published by Sierra. In the game, you can play as either of 3 species, the Alien, the Predator, and the Marine. Each one has there own set of attacks, either high tech or primitive, for the player to have their fun with. I'll start with the Aliens. As the Alien, you will fight with your body, and your wits. If you're not careful, you WILL die :P. Aliens, however, are lethal. This comes from first hand experience, as I'm a major Alien player. Here's what's in their arsenal.
The Alien's main form of attack is to assail its enemies with a flurry of needle sharp claws :3 Of course, go for the head for the most damage. Primary fire to use the claws.
The alien can stab an enemy with it's tail, temporarily stunning it, a hit to the head is an instant kill, I think.. (sure was for me XD) Press the secondary to tail whip.
Every alien, with the exception of the Praetorian, has the ability to pounce. The pounce attack is basically a powerful lunge that can send you far distances, useful for getting around large maps, or escaping snipers. The pounce can also be used as a direct offensive against enemies, stunning them and also meaning instant death for low health players. This is not recommended against an enemy prepared for close quarters combat, as that usually ends up as death for the alien.
The ultimate form of Alien attack, the headbite is an instant kill on any poor wretch who stands in your way. Masked Predators are immune to this, however, so be on your guard.

Now time for the Predators
It's the basic form of Predator attack, but in the hands of an expert, can leave enemies lying in a pool of their own blood. Primary attack is your regular slice and dice, secondary is a powerful stab.
The official name for the predator's spear, this weapon is different than the spear you've seen in the AvP movies. Each end has a blade, useful for cutting through enemies, or nets, and a seemingly large range. The combistick can mean instant death in the hands of an expert. Primary attack is a sweeping arc, secondary is a powerful downwards thrust.

Plasma Cannon
A handheld plasma shooter, is powerful enough to kill in one shot. Firing results in being uncloaked. Primary fire is a very powerful single shot, Secondary is a lobbing fire that stuns. (Most people in the game just spam the secondary)
Harpoon Gun
The sniper's delight, this gun fires extremely powerful harpoons, that can tear the head off a human in one shot. The spears resemble the one seen in Predator 2. Primary fire is an extremely accurate single fire, secondary is a powerful three round burst. (similar to a SBD's tri shot in Battlefront 2)Plasma Caster
Probably the most well known Pred weapon, the shoulder caster fires lobs of plasma at whatever enemy you choose. The weapons tracks whatever humans and aliens, with their assigned vision modes. The plasma follows their target, for as long as necessary. Firing uncloaks your Predator. Primary fire fires the caster, hold in the button to charge it up first. Secondary charges up your caster without firing when the button is released.
Smart Disc
Same disc as the one from Predator 2, tracks it's assigned target until it dies, or is out of sight. Instant kill for MOST enemies. Firing results in decloaking. Primary fire launches the disc.
Net Launcher
Fires nets at your targets, traps them until they break free. THESE ARE NOT THE ONES FROM THE MOVIES, although the launcher is the same. These nets will not cut people to ribbons, and they can be cut by knives. Primary fire launches the net.
Hot bombs

These are not seen in any movies. They are basically throwable mines, with the ability to stick to enemies. Primary fire thows the bombs, secondary detonates.
Marines for tha last.
It's just useless knife, only good for cutting yourself out of nets. Primary swings the knife :l
A small, yet powerful pistol. Comes with regular and armor piercing rounds. Primary fires the pistol, secondary switches ammo types.
Decent weapon, comes in either shells or slugs. Primary fire shoots, secondary switches ammo types.
Pulse Rifle
It's the famous Pulse rifle, as seen in the movie aliens. 99 rounds per clip, and comes with a grenade launcher. Primary shoots, secondary launches grenades.
Grenade Launcher
Name speaks for itself, it has 4 types of grenades. Timed and Proximity mines need no explanation. EMP grenades make a huge electrical explosion, perfect for catching cloaked Predators off guard. Spider mines follow the closest moving target. Primary fires grenades
Flame Thrower
The one from Aliens, needs no explanation :P Primary fire to shoot fire
Basically the same as the one from Aliens, notable exception is that it autotracks. Primary to fire, secondary to switch between autotrack and direct fire mode.
Rocket Launcher
Your basic rocket launcher, with a tracking system taken from anti air defense. Primary button to fire, secondary to switch between regular and tracking rockets.
I really don't think this one needs an explanation at all, all miniguns are the same XD. Primary button to fire, secondary to spin the barrel.
Sniper Rifle
The most powerful, and most accurate weapon in the entire game, the sniper rifle is an instant kill on almost anything that passes through the scope. It's two downsides are that it has no crosshair out of scope, and like all sniper rifles, is not a very good choice for close range. Primary button to fire, secondary to activate scope, hold in to continue zooming, press again to exit scope.

Well, I've just told you every offensive weapon in the entire damn game. This game is totally worth the cost, if you can find it, and any true AvP fan should buy it :3 I'll post a vid for each weapon, demostrating what it's like. And dont forget to tune in later, when I talk about the multiplayer! :O

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