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The celestial battle for survival returns now, with Aliens: The Ultimate Doom [BETA 8.0]!

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Aliens: The Ultimate Doom

Many changes have been made since 7.3:-More intelligent and aggressive Xenomorph AI. The Xenomorphs, will now strafe out of danger to avoid pain. They will perform jumping attacks, in two variations. Some will jump attack diagonally; also serving as a group flanking tactic against the player. Now the enemy horde will surround you, with jumping melee attacks. The acid ball has been omitted from every xenomorph except the Flying xeno.--Game-balancing and New enemy spawning rates-Many New Gibs have been added, and blood decals now work properly.-Eggs can now be gibbed-Refined soundtrack selection, to better fit the overall theme of the game.-All previous errors have been corrected. However, the newest version of GZDoom does indicate that some are present. Nevertheless, the mod is still playable with past and present versions of GZDoom.

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