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It was a hard work during 3 weeks but I think it can reward it !

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I'm glad to announce that Alien Wave 0.5 has been released and published to the public in it beta phase ! Even if the mod still need many ameliorations, it is a playable version with the first chapter of the campaign of Alien Wave and also an Alien Survival map !

You can download it here :

In the beginning of the campaign, you wake up in the desert a bit far from the military base. This military base was supposed to be used as an outpost/warehouse by the UEF army on Krona. But the aliens decided to attack it and invaded the basements to use as their new home ! You need to get on this military base to send a call for evacuation.

So you start near a building which seems being closed, but you can enter in it via a small hole on the roof. Pile the crate and get on the roof to found the entrance to this bunker where you will found weapons, equipments and a jeep. After that, drive to the mountains where the military base is...

In order to send a SOS to the UEF HQ, you need to send it via the emeter which is placed on the top of the mountain. The emeter his himself alimented with power by 2 power generators which are themselves locked by 2 control buildings. All those buildings are relied by cables so you can easily find them. YOU NEED TO UNLOCK AND ACTIVE BOTH GENERATORS BEFORE TRYING TO SEND THE SOS !

If anyone still need help or is stuck, I will write a more detailed guide about how to win the game !

Else, I hope you'll have fun !

- Bioko


awesome mod- loved it

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