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Alien Blitzkrieg is a fast paced strategy game that puts you in control of an invading alien race bent on taking over the Earth. You'll lead an army of alien creatures by dropping them from an asteroid in orbit around Earth onto various military bases around the globe.

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You'll attack your enemies base by tapping your screen to drop meteors full of Aliens to overrun the enemy forces and take over the base. The enemy is protected by energy shields that prevent you from dropping troops near them, so you'll have to pick the best spot to deploy troops outside of the shield for the best angle of attack. Placement and timing is key, as many of the enemy soldiers have explosive weapons, so grouping all your troops together can be disastrous. If your able to destroy the shield generators you'll be able to drop troops anywhere in that area, dealing damage to any enemies hit by the meteors! This can make the game more challenging and add additional strategy to it.

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