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Version 7.52 of Alien Arena has been at long last, released. This new version contains a wealth of updated and new content, as well as a stats account system, renderer and client improvements, and bugfixes.

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Alien Arena 7.52 has been released, and while it was a long wait, we think you'll find it was worth being patient. The new version boasts a host of new and updated content as well as a new stats account system, renderer updates/improvements/bugfixes, and a new game mode, Insta-Rockets. Four brand new levels have been introduced, as well as a new violator model, updated player skins with glow effects, all new powerup models(including the new megahealth!), and updates to a variety of other skins and textures.

Some of the new features include:

  • Many new models and textures
  • Four exciting new levels
  • Vegetation shadowmapping
  • Account system for stats
  • Improved stats algorithms
  • Various improved effects
  • Decoupled renderer from client frame code
  • Variety of bug fixes and code cleansing
  • Changes to the bot code and anti-camp
  • New Insta-Rockets game mode
  • Mouse input code cleaned up
  • IQM Version 2 support

Here are some screenshots of Alien Arena 7.52!

Martian invaders. Skin glows
Zorn Zorn
Goregrinder Goregrinder
Sudden Impact Sudden Impact 3

For a complete changelog see THIS

Jam3s007 - - 1,217 comments

lookin sexy :]

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Elementalist - - 732 comments

Is there ever going to be an update to the menus? Maybe it's because I play it in 1920x1080, but the options text and server browser text is almost unreadable because there's large spaces between every letter.

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Irritant_new Author
Irritant_new - - 210 comments

Yeah, the menus are one of the top priorities. The guy that was working on them took ill, so his work was never completed. Currently we are waiting for idtech4 to come out, and will likely poach that menu system into our engine.

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Irritant_new Author
Irritant_new - - 210 comments

Oh, and try changing to one of the true type fonts, it should be quite readable.

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foobar42 - - 7 comments

Please upload it to desura :)

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Irritant_new Author
Irritant_new - - 210 comments

It's already there :)

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cro_net - - 37 comments

Love this game, keep up the great work.

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