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Behold the biggest ever DungeonRift update! The game was heavily refactored (nearly 80% of codebase is changed), sprites were enhanced, lighting system and tile-set changing implemented!

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Now the Rift will get darker and more menacing with your descending into it’s depths. This will be achieved not only by growing and evolving monsters (who are now able to get new powers and perks while leveling) , but also with brand-new trap system.
On level 21 the game reaches the top of darkness and danger and then the difficulty will grow with infinitely empowering monsters.

We’re starting to get feedback: what do you like and dislike, which things looks too easy or too

- Monsters now gain new abilities while leveling;
- Monsters now have new evadable attack system;
- New secondary projectile weapon for Sir Bucket;
- New level generator and more dungeon variants;
- Traps!
- Lighting system and darkening of Rift;
- Tile-set changing on higher levels;
- Various collectible items;
- Player-accessible level editor;
- Brand new graphic and sound efects;
- New statistics system;
- Updated interfaces;

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