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AK updated to Neo Axis .852 and other AK news.

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We have been building Momentum durring the last few weeks, and sense the Neo Axis game engine has been updated, we have desided to update the game to Neo Axis .852.. We notice off the bat a huge boost in performance in a few areas with the New Neo Axis version.. Frame Rates being pritty good now.. We also noticed a big boost in the multiplayer aspect of the game.. Myself and our New programmer Steve played for quite some time.. We plan on releseing some gameplay videos soon of multiplayer in action.. And will do so soon as we add some of the better features we been planning..

We are going to be shooting for a new relese of the Beta to the public in the near future.. Hopeing for a June relese, soon as we squish some of the bugs we have encountered along the way.. Then I will add a new Beta download here.. With hopefully 90% of the assets we have been planning on adding to the game resently..The beta will be the full game.. For yall to enjoy.. We wont be holding anything back this time around..

Anyway in the next upcomeing weeks I will post some online multiplayer battles with our coder and myself playing.. (Soon as he gets enough practice in the vehicles and mechs :D)

Also yall might be wondering why I am saying new coder.. Well our old coder has left for personal reasons.. Unable to work on the game any more.. But our new coder has the game covered.. :)

Thank you
Night Hawk.

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