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This update is just a small portion, and it doesn't really have new weapons or vehicles. Mainly this update contains features, adjustments, and bugfixes.

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This update is just a small portion, and it doesn't really have new weapons or vehicles.
Mainly this update contains features, adjustments, and bugfixes.

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.33

- Thermal Vision

Tanks, APCs, attack helis and jets now have thermal vision.
Thermal vision can be selected by using radio commo rose.
Thermal vision scripts were made by Mosquill. Special thanks for him.

- M16A4

M16A4 is a new handheld weapon for medic (replaced with M16A2)
Comp M2 red dot sight is mounted and it also comes with foregrip.

- Additional Radio Comm Rose Voices(chats)

The voices of "Reload!" and "Lasing target!" is added to commo rose.
You can tell your teammmates that you are to reload or to mark the target using SIMRAD.

- Laser-marked target shown on a map

You can see where the lased target is on your map. Minimap also shows it.
Friendlies are able to see the marker. However, if you took enemy's kit and lased target, the marker will be shown on enemy's map (neither your map nor your friendlies' maps)

- Mobile artillery adjusted

Mobile artillery vehicles have now unlimited ammo because ammo pack couldn't feed them.
Firing mode has been changed for more efficient use.
When fired, you can look the fired projectile from third-person point of view.


Here's the download link.

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.33 Full Client

UPDATE PATCH v0.32b->v0.33 (450MB)

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.33 Update Patch

AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.33 Server


Full install
*Caution: Those who install MiniMOD for the first time should install BF2 v1.5 and AIX2 mod before installing MiniMOD. 1. Download 'AIX2_Expansion_MiniMOD_v0.32_installer.exe' to wherever you want to download
2. Execute 'AIX2_Expansion_MiniMOD_v0.32_installer.exe'
3. Install
4. Run MiniMOD and play!

Update from v0,32b to v0.33
1. Download v0.33 patch.
2. Execute the patch AFTER installing BF2, AIX2, and AIX2ExMM v0.32b (if you already installed these, then you can skip here and directly install the hotfix).
3 Install
4. Run MiniMOD and play!

v0.33 changelog:

- The number of AIs on singleplayer is now 48. Bot's difficulty is changed to 0.5.
- Bot snipers are now a little accurate to aim.

Handheld weapons
- Deploysound of L85A2 GL is now the same as the one used by M16A2 w/ M203.
- Fixed the problem that the sound and animation of USP Match w/ supressor didn't match.
- Firing effect of MGL-140 is now the same as the one used by grenade launchers.

- Fixed WZ-551 floating too high.
- Fixed torque of MEC technical (pick-up truck) so that it won't flip over any more.
- Reduced the sound range of M134's revolving barrels.
- Added overheating on F-15 and F-18's machine guns.
- Reduced torque of Tiger HAP, and increased operability.
- The names of MLRS and mobile howitzers now have name suffix of "MLRS" or "Howizter".
- coaxial MG of US vehicles are now firing on 900 RPM.
- Changed the gunfire sounds from dintance.
- Countermeasure of Mi-17 is now reloaded after 3 times of use (just like other helis).
- Reload time of heli supply crate is reduced by 10 seconds (so it is 20 secs now).
- Supply crates dropped from heli now have 5 seconds of delay until it can benefit to solder.
If there are 2 or more soldiers in the radius of supply benefit, it will feed ammo and heal.(Reconsidering needed)
- Changed firing effects of jet's MG and heli's MG. They are categorized by their calibers (20-30mm cannons and 12.7mm MGs)
- Fixed that MH-53J leans strangely when player input yaw movement.
- Fixed unshown weapon selection icons of F-117.

See you guys in the battlefield!
tekktekk & y-shin


damn you mosquill!! traitorrrrrr!!!!!!!
jk looks awesome

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