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Today, We have started ModDB page for our mini-mod. Now, you can get this mini-mod! Current version is v0.31.

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We wanted to make a mini-mod for AIX2 a long time ago.
For add some bug fixes, balance tweaks, new contents.
So we created it. which is named "AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD".
Our first release is in 2010. We had opened to the public it only in Battlefield Singleplayer Forum.
But we think that this mini-mod should be came out to many people.
Today, We have started ModDB page for AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD.
You can get our mini-mod here. and play!

This mini-mod isn't made by AIX dev team.
So this is unofficial mini-mod.


AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD requires Battlefield 2 v1.5 and Allied Intent Xtended 2.0.
If you have already installed them, download AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.31 Full Client and install it.

If you want to play more custom maps, you should download AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD Mappack 1.


Changelog from AIX2 Expansion MiniMOD v0.11 (first release)

The performance of Weapons and Vehicles are adjusted.
Kits are modified.
The balance of vehicle appearing is adjusted.
You can get extra points when you destroy enemy vehicle.
This MOD is added on the ”clivewil's add on”
The names of Control points come to be displayed correctly.
The dolphin jumping becomes impossible.
This MOD has corrected some bugs.

The critical head shot appears only by sniper rifles.
Anti material rifle can only shot when the shooter is prone position.
Anti material rifle can damage light armored vehicles.
Binoculars can make rocke-on markers.
AAS cannot be rocked on by any missiles.
The rock-on-range of AAS is 400 : shorten than normal.
The amount of HP recovered by medipack has been reduced from 100% to 25%.
C4 can be dismantled with the wrench.
The sound of firing is synchronized with the firing cycle of the gun.
In a few guns, the firing sound are made from real gun sound.

Milkor MGL140 / Portable Minigun / Mortar become Pickup Kit only.

Mortar has two types bombs, one is normal bomb, another is camera bomb.
Shooter can change these 2 type bombs.
There are ready-to-assemble ATS / AAS as Pickeup Kit.

HUD of helicopter gun ship is changed.
The gunner of helicopter gun ship can use zoom display. But helicopter with TV-camera-missile cannot use it.
Black Hawk cannot drop Item Box because too many boxes make the server down.
When tanks change to another type shell, it takes 10sec to the next shoot.

Tanks of UN are changed to L2A6 / Challenger2.
Tiger HAP is added to UN as the helicopter gun ship.
Reconnaissance helicopter of MEC are changed to EC635
Reconnaissance helicopter of CH are changed to WZ-11
Fighter planes from Booster Pack are added.

AIX Wake Island/16,32 are added
Road to Jalalabad/16,32,64 are added.
Fushe Pass/16,32,64 are added.
Dalian Plant/16,32 are added.
Dragon Valley/16 is added
Dragon Valley Moon/16 is added
Karkand Stormfront/16 is added
Mashtuur City/16,32,64 are added.
Operation Blue Pearl/16,32,64 are added.
Operation Clean Sweep/16,32,64 are added.
Operation Smoke Screen/16,32,64 are added.
Sharqi Peningla/16 is added
Wake Twilight/16,32 are added

At the mode of Conquest, players cannot enter uncapture flag areas.

These are part of the change.
We will explain more on the other news.

Today's news is over.

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