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The Impi chief AI now has blinking eyes and mouth movement when talking and the mouth opens in grimace on taking damage.

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Morphs for Eye and Mouth

We've been successful in enabling the mouth to move and eyes to blink without a cut scene so the character in real time blinks, talks and grimaces in pain after taking a hit.

The video shows a test of the eye and mouth morphs for random blinking and mouth movement when the character talks and takes damage after a spear hit.

Impi Chief:

When the chief appears in game the Zulu player can pass on his orders via the chief to get the Zulu to make a charge at a selected location. The British should target the chief whenever possible as the loss of the chief and the ability to order an advance will weaken a Zulu player's strength.

Video of in game test:

Some stills of the Impi chief:

A British soldier fending off one of the Zulu advances:

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