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This weeek we share a player-created seven part video playthrough of the Fallen Spire campaign, an update on the Child Play's donation amount for Children of Neinzul, Light of the Spire gets another solid review, and we touch on several new beta updates for the base game.

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AI War: Light of the Spire Video Series (Spoilers!)

YouTube user OreliusAIWar has created a seven-part video playthrough of the Fallen Spire minor faction campaign packed in the game's latest expansion, Light of the Spire.

Check out his Youtube Channel for all seven parts of the series, and those intereseted can find some commentary in this forum thread.

AI War: Light of the Spire Review on Indie Game Reviewer
Over on Indie Game Reviewer Keram has taken the time to check out and give his thoughts on AI War's recently released Light of the Spire expansion.

Some of the more tasty bits:

"This latest entry brings with it a healthy variety of new content and features, most notably the campaign modes, while staying true to the core experience...Even without the expansion sets, AI War is the type of game one never truly masters...Here, the concept of “casual” cowers in fear."

Read the full review on IGR.

Update On Children Of Neinzul Donations For Child's Play: $18K And Counting!
As of April 4th, 2011, we have so far raised and donated $18,329.33! A substantial$3,350.91 has come in for the CoN expansion since our previous update in February, 100% of which goes to Child's Play.

We'll continue to post monthly updates on how the donations are doing. We're so proud to have been able to contribute to such a worthy cause in a significant way! Check us out on the platinum sponsors list on the Child's Play site.

Read the rest here.

AI War Beta Updates

AI War Beta 5.006, "Raiders Of The Lost Desync"
This one
fixes a desync that has been haunting my nightmares for months. It's been incredibly, incredibly rare, to the point that only a few players have ever even seen it. But those players could reproduce it reliably, while almost nobody else could reproduce it at all. Knock on wood, today that saga ends. One savegame provided by those same players most affected, Fleet and Tssbackus, has finally yielded a reproducible case for me. The battle was hard, but in the end we nailed it to the wall.

But that's not all! This release also has some pretty notable balance shifts around translocation shots, specifically so that your military command stations are now more powerful and less unwieldy. Also regeneration got a few tweaks to be less unwieldy when fortresses and force fields and such are around, too.

Lastly, and I'm sure most excitingly for the largest number of people, is some notable raid starship rebalancing. The raids have been split into two lines: one for the humans and one for the AIs, and the human ones have been made about 20% more powerful, while the AI ones are now only 50% as strong as the human counterparts. In other words, your raids will survive a bit longer against the AI missile guard posts, while the AI starships won't wreak quite so much havoc all through your systems when they come in any volume.

AI War Beta 5.007, "Zombies Are For Eating My Neighbors"
Well! I've been so focused on A Valley Without Wind for the last month and a half that I really wanted to make sure AI War was getting the love it needs. Keith has been doing updates for the game the last while, but we haven't had any really big burn-throughs of the mantis idea tracker in a while.

Yesterday was mostly all about one big desync, so today I wanted to spend one more day in AI War land and accomplish a variety of player-requested stuff, before I head back to AVWW tomorrow. That's what this release is all about, and it's the hugest one we've had since 5.0 came out.

Read the rest here.

AI War Beta 5.008, "Bad Robot, No Cookie\"
This one is pretty minor, just with a few balance tweaks and a bugfix related to minor factions and zombies going off their leashes too far. Since that one in particular is really important to some folks, we're going ahead and releasing the patch for this today.

AI War Beta 5.009, "Desync II: The Resyncing"
This one fixes yet another desync that Fleet and Tssbackus were the sole folks to be able to find. Turns out you had to save your game under just the right circumstances in the middle of a big battle to get this one, which not many people presumably do, hence the rarity.

This release also includes some stronger desync detection methods based on a simple hash method on the clients and host, to make desyncs quicker to find and easier to reproduce. Hopefully that was the last desync for a while, though!

And lastly, this sharply nerfs the health of a lot of the spire core shield generators that the AI has, which I'm sure many people will be quite happy about. Enjoy!

These are standard updates that you can download through the in-game updater itself, if you already have 4.000 or later. When you launch the game, you'll see the notice of the update having been found if you're connected to the Internet at the time. If you don't have 4.000 or later, you can download that here.

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