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Due to Sokota's computer being down temporarily, I took it upon myself to rewrite the AI from scratch, making it much more realistic in the process!

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Recently, our team leader Sokota had Windows crash on him due to a virus attack. Because of the crash, this post is going to be a bit light on new content. He's close to being back up on his feet and working again, but just because he was afk doesn't mean I didn't get any work done!

For the past week I've been working on rewriting our entire AI from scratch. We'd been wanting to greatly improve AI pathfinding for a while now, and this seemed like as good a time as ever to really go at it.

White = neutral
First thing I did was to implement vision cones and x/y position targeting. This allows for Splinter Cell esque “last known position” behavior, and gives the opportunity for both action and stealth gameplay. If an AI spots a target, the target's position is set, and the AI will begin the attack routine while following the target's movements.

Orange = target found

If the target breaks the line of sight, the AI will investigate the last known position of the target, sprinting, climbing ladders, and jumping on platforms along the way.

Blue = investigating
This is just the beginning of the process. Pathfinding is what I'm currently focusing on... once that is completed I will move on to adding better weapons logic and many other exciting features.

We hope you enjoyed this post! Keep your eyes peeled for monthly updates on Stasis, and please leave some constructive comments as we value all feedback!

- breakline, TeamSkyfire

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