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Short Ion Galactic: The Conflict video demonstrating the final feature complete AI.

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Quick demo video showing the latest feature complete AI. In this shot the AI is setup against five other AI opponents that have been created previously. The clear winner in each match is the latest AI, or AI5. The primary difference between AI4 and AI5 is that the later AI uses and guards against mines. There have also been some tweaks to the way the AI decides to create units throughout the game. The video is short. NOTE: The video also uses an old icon set. This demo was recorded with the AI creation app I wrote to help manage AI creation.

For a long time I’ve actually not been able to beat the AI in a one on one match. And that was before the AI used all units. The next step is actually to dumb down the AI for the easier modes. As it stands I would venture a guess that few people could win, barring a bug in the AI of course.

NOTE: The game is running very fast, normal games with a human opponent will be far slower as human thinks their way through their turn. Since this is just AI vs. AI there is no human thought that needs to go into each turn.

Remember you can try the alpha here:

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