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Announces the availability of the first patch for AHL2v2.

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The first patch for AHL2v2 is now available. Besides the necessary crash fix and other issues that needed immediate fixing we also found the time to push some content updates. These are the changes:

Code updates:
- The frequent crashes have been fixed (thanks to ChainSOV for providing crashdumps pointing in the right direction)
- The weapon staying hidden when bandaging while reloading won't occur anymore as bandaging while reloading is not allowed anymore
- Manually changing the player model during a team game is not possible anymore
- The action menu character page cannot be opened during a team game anymore
- SourceTV is now working
- Unique weapons ammo is now restored upon "respawn"
- Fastswitch is now finally working

Content updates:
- New skin for the sniper rifle
- New skins for all shells
- New skin for the bandage
- View model optimizations to improve performance
- Particle effect edits to improve performance
- Animation changes on the view models to solve several minor issues
- Firing the last shot with a silenced single beretta now plays the correct anim
- Fixed being unable to pick up the quick draw holster
- Credits list has been updated with missing contributors

Find the download links here in the downloads section. You may notice the update1 at the end of the file name. Why update 1? Well, check our main site frequently over the next few weeks and you will find out.


you know what this mod really needs?
1 special effects
2 limited stamina and always walk , for more challange
there is just no need in walking anyway , but there is such button

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It's called Action Half life for a reason

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this update is great, before it was always a bit laggy, no it plays smooth and nice.
Also the Hit Detection works now really good.

Great Update, Great Mod :-)

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