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A quick update on the state of affairs surrounding my work-in-progress. With finals week approaching, I am still unsure if I will make the release date of February 8th, but I am terribly close. I am possibly even ahead of schedule, but instead of devoting myself to making the deadline, I have found some new inspiration and am dedicating myself to making some NEW, UNPLANNED CONTENT.

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Almost a year ago, I started this project by myself, and I am very happy to say that it is incredibly close to being done. Finally. Unless my computer explodes and melts everywhere, which would not stray from the pattern of luck I have.

But anyway, that does not concern YOU, my reader. You want to play the game soon, right? Well, then I am pleased to announce that I may be slightly AHEAD of my February 8th release date. Now, before you get excited at the prospect of Immediate downloads, I have some news. Instead of using my newfound time to get the finished product out EARLY, I have dedicated some of it to making BONUS CONTENT. I hope that it is worth the wait. With finals week rapidly approaching for me (and with just the basic luck I have), it is likely that I will be behind schedule again, and for that I apologize. We shall have to see what I'm able to do in the next few days.

But, for these past few days, I have been busy constructing and creating content for a SECRET Easter Egg room, which will contain a hidden tidbit or two of the game's story, as well as two secret endings to the game! Speaking of endings, now is as good a time as any for me to give a tentative list of endings to the game. Because there will be more than one! Of course, there are several overlaps... But I had fun making these, even if some are just "dumb ways to die."

Captured Ending: Levels 1-3
Reflection Ending: Level 1
Evil Exit Ending: Level 1
Easter Egg Ending I: Level 3
Easter Egg Ending II: Level 3
"Bad" Story Ending: Level 3
"Good" Story Ending (With Credits): Level 3

With that, I conclude this quick message. Thank you for your time and continued support! I hope to provide a product soon.

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