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A timeline of events for the total conversion modification AGSA from 1924 - 1960.

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Happy holidays commanders, work continues on AGSA with recent unit profiles and their associated lore. As a total conversion mod, Shattered Alliance has an alternate timeline which significantly deviates from our own timeline and of course the Red Alert timeline. To summarize key events which shape the technology and ideologies of the current factions, here is a timeline.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

AGSA Timeline


Stalin assumed leadership over the USSR following Lenin's death in 1924.


The Nazi Party remains a banned political party by Bavarian authorities.


Anti-fascist strikes ovethrow Benito Mussolini's National Fascist Party (PNF) and the Italian Liberal Party (PLI) returns to power.


The severity and length of the Great Depression is greatly minimized by prompt action from the US Federal Reserve System.


Germany enacts sweeping reforms to tackle the social and economic consequences of the decline in the global economy.


Japan invades Manchuria. The USSR responds by supplying military equipment to China as part of a non-aggression pact. Japan is expelled from the League of Nations (LN).


Responding to the build-up of the Soviet Union military, the LN reforms to have a united military force.


Nikola Tesla is invited to work in the USSR and becomes director of military science.


The Spanish Civil War begins. Stalin sends in powerful air and armored units to assist the Republicans. Fearing a communist takeover, the LN intervenes and supports the Nationalists.


The Battle of Shanghai results in a decisive victory for unified Chinese forces. The mass deployment of Soviet armor and aircraft, forces Japan out of Manchuria and mainland China.


The Spanish Civil War ends with the victory of the Nationalists. The current regime is replaced and Spain joins the LN.


The Second Renaissance is an intense period of European cultural, artistic, political, scientific and economic progress which lasts for a decade.


Iran's regime changes to a pro-communist government via electoral intervention. The USSR is able to secure supply lines and oil fields.


Japan attacks Pearl Harbor. The USA declares war on Japan. The LN did not intervene for fear of a surprise Soviet invasion of Europe despite protests from the British.


Japan invades vast swathes of South-East Asia including Thailand, Hong Kong, Guam, British Burma, the Dutch East Indies, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands and Singapore.


USA regroups and wins significant battles in the Coral Sea, Midway and Guadalcanal.


The USA begins a prolonged bombing campaign of the Japanese mainland to force its surrender.


Operation Detachment and Operation Iceberg resulted in the capture of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.


Operation Downfall, the invasion of the Japanese home islands begins.


The USA occupies Tokyo and Japan officially surrenders. The invasion of Japan has cost 1.7 million American casualties, including 400,00 fatalities and 5 million Japanese fatalities.


Ultranationalism and xenophobia surges in the USA. Martial law is enacted and suppression of minorities occurs, resulting in race riots.


The LN changes its organization name to Allies in order to reflect the closer alliance of its member nations.


The events of Command & Conquer: Red Alert take place. The USSR invades Europe.


The Allies appealed directly to the USA for military support. The Lend Lease Act is signed, on the strict condition that the USA may take any personnel or equipment as a prize of war after the conflict.


The Dark Horseman military base is neutralized but the Allies suffer significant casualties. Prolonged conflict leads to the Counterstrike and Aftermath operations.


China breaks its non-aggression pact with the USSR and joins the Allies. Before committing suicide, Stalin activates the Dead Hand system. The USSR surrenders and is occupied by the Allies.


Operation Paperclip transfers Albert Einstein and thousands of Soviet personnel to the USA. Trinity, New Mexico becomes a major research center for atomic weapons and classified projects.


China breaks its alliance with the Allies and invades Japan to prevent a second wave of western imperialism. Reconciliation efforts lead to the formation of The People’s Republic of Asia (PRA).


The Dead Hand project activates, area denial weapons (ADMs) detonate throughout Africa.

Albert Einstein uses a time machine located in Trinity, New Mexico to travel back in time but fails, resulting in the Dead Zone incident.


The Allies reform as the European Self Defense Force (ESDF)


The Paradigm emerges from Egypt.

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