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Just a recap of my experience soft launching my debut game. Will try to post one of these daily.

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Well it happened, Agent Awesome soft launched today and I have to say that I´m pretty satisfied with the results.

Agent Awesome is a turn based strategy game and it´s also my first original game (I´ve worked on other games before, but this is the first time something I´m 100% responsible for hits the market).

Today we launched the game for PC & Mac only through my website ( and also through the Google Play Store ( ), our goal with this soft launch that will run from today and until late February is to learn as much as possible about everything related to launching a game while also identifying and eliminating bugs that might pop out.

Of course nothing ever goes as planned and this morning was a perfect example of that, while I was doing some testing downloading the game I realized that the Mac file I had sent to the people at Humble was not the right one.

In the middle of the panic attack my development team sent the right build and the amazing people at Humble replaced the file with lightning speed, really, those guys are awesome.

I had everything set up and ready to go at noon, so when the clock hit 12 I just posted on every single FB group that I know of that my baby was finally out there, roaming free on the green prairies of the Internet.

What I did today was:
- Post on every FB group I´m part of.
- Send Gift Codes to some strategic influencers that I have on my network.
- Send review copies to some local members of the press.
- Set up my press mailing list so that it send the launch mail at midnight today.
- Set up two Facebook ads for A/B Testing.
- Post about the game on sites like Reddit, Twitter, etc.

And yeah, that´s about it.

Now that I see it listed like this it kinda looks like it wasn´t that much work, but somehow this day managed to be completely fatiguing, (I had a cup of wine two hours after posting about the game to help me handle my anxiety) and of course I forgot to eat anything until like an hour ago.

What´s next? Trying to get the game into the hands of as many reviewers as I can and test with different advertising approaches.

Today Results:
15 copies sold through my site.
2 articles written about the launch of the game in some local media.
3 five star reviews on the Google Play Store (1 One Star Review)

So all in all, I would call this a good day. And now, for the sake of my mental health I´m going to disconnect myself entirely from the Internet until tomorrow morning.

I´ll keep you all posted and will make my best to post one of these every day until Febrary (Only weekdays).

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