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We have released Age of the Ring Version 7.2, featuring many bug fixes and balance changes!

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aotr release 7 2


We have released AotR 7.2. This release wasn't planned - it was only decided on last week - but came together due to our testing and balancing process for version 8.0 resulting in many changes that could be relatively easily ported back to 7.1. Since 8.0 will not be out for a while, we wanted to release something to further improve competitive balance to help ensure the AotR competitive scene stayed healthy.

Download below:

Age of the Ring Version 7.2

For a full list of changes, please refer to the CHANGELIST.


First, make sure your RotWK is patched to 2.02 v8.0.1. Make sure that Edain, if installed, is disabled.

1. Download and unzip the contents of AOTR7.2.rar into a folder
2. Run AgeOfTheRingInstaller7.2.exe as Administrator
3. The installer creates a shortcut to Age of the Ring 7.2 on your desktop

********** PLEASE READ BELOW **********

  1. THIS IS A FULL VERSION. You don't need to have previous mod versions installed. You can uninstall previous versions if you want to.
  2. The installer WILL NOT allow you to install the mod into your RotWK or BFME2 installation folder (this would BREAK your game)
  3. The installer WILL NOT allow you to install if you do not have RotWK patch 2.02 v8.01 enabled. You can enable this from the 2.02 Launcher.
  4. If you do not have 2.02 v8.01, you can get it HERE. Simply follow Step 1 and Step 2, and then use the 2.02 Launcher to set your version to 2.02 v8.01.
  5. If you do not want to play through Fellowship of the Ring again, you can use this Amon Hen mission autosave HERE.


For using T3A:Online, nothing has changed - just make sure RotWK is hooked from the T3A:Online Launcher.

For using Gameranger, please read the following article:
Gameranger Patch for AotR

Having trouble? Join us on Discord and use the #Support channel.

Erebor base wiki

Ithilien 7

Wiki rivendell faction

The Age of the Ring Team


Thank you very much, it is a great detail for Christmas and keep this enthusiasm.
I am happy and I congratulate the attention they have given us

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This is a lovely Christmas present! Thank you so much!

Merry Christmas! / Happy Holidays!

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I have been playing AOTR for some time and am currently on the Good Campaign Mission "Elrond's Council". When I have finished all the conversations with Frodo, I want to go to the light, so leave the hall but then the game crashes. No error message... nothing.

I have already uninstalled and reinstalled it. I've already read the problem with others, but a solution wasn't to be found either.

Do you have any ideas what I could do?

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Such crash sometimes happen after to do all 3 side stories. You can leave Hall of Fire after just two stories done. That should prevent crash from happening.

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Same exact thing happening to me. Gave up trying to continue

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Hi guys! Immeasurable thanks and congrats for this beautifully executed mod/DLC and for keeping this game alive in 2022! I´m writing because i wonder if there will be any cavalry reimplemented for the Dwarves faction in the future? Very much miss the goats ^^ Best Regards // LotR Fanboy

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