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We now have a more in-depth funding goal/rewards system in place to allow us to work full time on this. We appreciate any support you can give us.

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I have decided to lay out a more tactile policy on donations and funding. I estimate that if I can raise $200/month that it, combined with my savings, can allow me to quit my job and put in 40+ hours/week on this (the below estimates may be off, but if a feature is funded I will ensure it is in the game regardless of time). As such, I have laid out my plans for the coming months below:

Month 1 ($200) ----------- 25% funded

-Add over 50 new Settlements and Houses

-Expand/enhance the islands around Westeros to give the mod more detail.

-Create Skagos and Mountain Clan rosters

-Add 6+ new recruitment zones (The Wolfswood, The Hornwoods, The Highvale, The Rainwood, the Greenwood (aka Kingswood), the Torrentine (around Starfall)), each with their own unique units.

-Add many AOR units: Shield Wardens, Hornwood Axmen, Starknights, etc

Month 2 ($200) --------- 0% funded

-Add fully fleshed out Crannogmen/Faith Militant factions (OR Night's Watch and Wildlings depending on donator's input)

-Begin editing generic rosters with new regional models (start with giving regions unique helmets, weapons, units, and shields)

-Add Valyrian Slingers and Ghiscari Legionary mercenary companies.

Month 3 ------ 0% funded

-The sky is the limit...

For those of you interested in downloading, I have written up a Kickstarter-style rewards list:

$10 – Early access to news/previews/beta, listing in the credits, and input on the Faith Militant vs Wildlings question

$20 – Get written into the game as a custom character of your choice (must be setting appropriate)

$40 – Create your own House, I need to fill in some areas with original Houses and you could have one (must be setting appropriate)

$60 – Request a custom AOR unit of your own design (can be for your house if you want)

$100 – Get your own company of sellswords, again of your own design

If you have questions feel free to contact me at:


Please keep this as lore friendly as possible! It's what made me enjoy this mod the fact that it made sense in GoT lore. If anything make it more lore friendly using appropriate names and such.

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That's the plan. There are some blank areas that could use filling in with new Houses, (and this is set thousands of years in the past, so a LOT of houses have died out by now) but apart from that I am keeping this as close to lore as possible.

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Im not sure that is a good path you take here.

But maybe I am wrong...

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bertio5 Author

I'm not sure either, but the Rubicon is crossed regardless so let's roll with it ;).

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Won't monetisation result in a cease and desist?

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bertio5 Author

Well if they ask me to I'll stop and refund the donations. At the moment it is just me working on the mod full time while people donate to my don't-starve-to-death fund so I think it should be OK. The final version will be free for anyone to download so I believe it does fall into the category of fair use, albeit a rather grey one...

Still though, if they contact me I will stop.

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