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Now i introduce you the new version of the Age of Merowings mod for Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion! Here you are, friends!

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Age of Merowings 1.5 version is ready.


- All changes from the 1.1 version.

- All texture packs for all factions included.

- A lot of new units for many BI factions (especially for Franks).

- More changes in balance and gameplay for all factions

- Absolutely new playable factions - Borana, Roman Usurpers and Langobardi.

- New textures for strategic models of captains and generals

- New 3d-models for new units and for old too.

- Improved BI campaign (V and VI century, rise of Merowings dynastie)

- New faction - Gallo-Romans (for AI only).

- All other factions (like Romano-british or Slavs) are also playable.

- Full english translation and improved texts. Also changes in hero names.

- Other minor changes and fixes.

Download link:

Installation process:

Just put all files to your main BI folder (1.6 patch need). Overwrite all files. Then start exe and play it.


For neophites i recommend to play Franks, Langobardi, Celts, Huns, and Sassanids. Other factions are only for proffesional players. And remember, this mod is about barbarians. Its impossible here to play Romans, except Usurpers faction. Recommend level - hard\very hard.

Thank you very much!


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