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Release for Age of Empires 1: HD Edition. Download and description.

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Age Of Empires 1: HD Edition is a recreation of Age of Empires 1 in the Age of Empires 3 engine. There are new additions, like unique units for each civilization, new units, and trade routes. This is a multiplayer only mod. New maps are playable by clicking the "Custom Maps" checkbox. A new homecity should be created for civilizations so that cards from decks are not available in game. Thank you to everyone who has helped with this mod through advice, work on graphics, playtesting, etc.

Check the files section for the download. There will still be some small bugs and balance errors with this mod, but let me know and I'll do my best to make quick and easy to install updates to fix the issues.

Join us on this discord server under the Age of Empires 1 section:


Game Information:


Egyptians: Chariots have extra attack. Priests move faster. Gold is gathered faster.
Unique Unit: Khopesh. Like the swordsman but moves faster, has less combat strength. Trained at Barracks.

Minoans: Ships have extra hitpoints. Foot archers cost less.
Unique Unit: Temple Guard Hoplite unit resistant to conversion. Trained at Temple

Greeks: Hoplites have extra speed. Ships do extra damage. Catapults have more hitpoints.
Unique Unit: Tarantine Cavalry. Cavalry unit with low hitpoints but high attack. Trained at Stables.

Phoenecians:Ships move faster. Elephants have more attack. Trade Workshops are cheaper and stronger.
Unique Unit: Siege Elephant. Elephant adept at destroyed buildings. Trained at Siege Workshop.

Babylonians: Walls get extra hitpoints each age. Towers get extra LOS and range. Foot archers get extra attack.
Unique Unit: Armoured Archer. Foot Archer with high hitpoints and armour. Less vulnerable to melee attackers. Trained at Archery Range.

Sumerians: Villagers gather from berries faster. Hoplites, and Chariots slightly cheaper.
Unique Unit: Spearman. Infantry with bonus versus cavalry. Trained at Academy.

Persians: Town Centers provide extra population. Elephants move faster.
Unique Unit: Immortal. Infantry good versus other infantry. Trained at Academy.

Shang: Can build extra houses for more population. All units are quicker and cheaper to train, but slightly weaker. Buildings cost less wood.
Unique Unit(s): Crossbowman. Cheap archer with fast attack speed. Trained at Archery Range.

Yamato: Archers and slingers move faster. Horse Archers are stronger. Ships cost less wood.
Unique Unit: Yabusame. Cavalry Archer with bonus versus other ranged cavalry. Trained at Archery Range.

Choson :Towers are cheaper and do more damage per age. Priests cost less gold. Buildings have extra hitpoints.
Unique Units: Hwarang. Cavalry with high hitpoints but low attack. Trained at Stables.

Assyrians: Siege units are cheaper. All units have more siege damage. Hand infantry have extra attack.
Unique Unit: Siege tower. Durable siege tower that does melee damage to destroy buildings. Trained at Siege Workshop.
Unique Unit: Royal Guard. Hoplite unit with ranged resistance.

Hittites: Chariots have extra hitpoints. Military buildings are cheaper and stronger.
Unique Unit: Two-man Chariot. Extremely strong Chariot Archer that also fights well in melee. Trained at Archery Range.

New Gameplay Features:
Artifacts: These are herdable units found around the map. Provide a very quick source of gold.


Ruins: Found around the map, provide a 0.5 trickle of gold a second.




Clubman (Stone Age, Barracks): Infantry unit also good at sieging buildings. Will beat all other Tool Age units if in melee. But will take heavy damage from bowman if attacked by range.

Swordsmen (Bronze Age, Barracks): Infantry unit. Will beat hand cavalry, other weaker infantry, and ranged cavalry it can engage in melee. Good at siegeing buildings.

Hoplite(Bronze Age, Academy): Super heavy and slow infantry. Will beat swordsmen, and very effective versus cavalry and elephants. Will be beaten by archers. It's major drawback is its slow sped

Bowman(Tool Age, Archery Range): Archer that will do very well against Clubmen/Axemen in the Tool Age.

Slinger (Tool Age, Barracks): Unit that is only designed to counter Bowmen in the Tool Age. Will lose to any other unit.

Improved Bowman (Bronze Age, Archery Range): Good versus infantry and will beat ranged cavalry.

Improved Slinger (Bronze Age, Barracks): Better version of the slinger, will only beat archer units like the Bowman and Improved Bowman.

Scout (Tool Age, Stables): Cavalry unit with large LOS ideal for scouting. Will also beat Bowmen and Slingers in Tool Age, but lose to Clubmen/Axemen.

Cavalry (Bronze Age, Stables): Good versus archers, slingers, artillery, and ranged cavalry if they can catch them.

Camel Rider (Bronze Age, Stables): Good versus heavy cavalry, but weak versus all other types of units.

Chariot (Bronze Age, Stables): Very effective versus archers and artillery. Will lose to other cavalry and infantry. Requires "Wheel" research at the Market.

War Elephant (Iron Age, Stables): Super heavy cavalry unit. Will do good versus most units if it can reach them despite its slow speed.

Ranged Cavalry:
Horse Archer (Bronze Age, Archery Range):Good against heavy cavalry from a ranged distance, will lose if caught in melee by cavalry.

Chariot Archer (Bronze Age, Archery Range): Mounted archer. Good against infantry. Requires "Wheel" research at the Market.

Elephant Archer (Iron Age, Archery Range): High hitpoints ranged cavalry. Primarily good versus infantry but will also do well versus other units.

Siege Units:
Stone Thrower (Bronze Age, Siege Workshop): Good versus infantry, archers, and buildings. Not necessarily countered by ranged cavalry like AoE3.

Ballista (Bronze Age, Siege Workshop): Long ranged artillery good only versus stone throwers and other siege workshop units.

Other Units:

Priest (Bronze Age, Temple): Heals your units and converts enemy units.


Since you added improved slingers, what do you think of adding skirmishers in the future ?

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