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Check out the (new) final version of AOA. It adds some nice new features and bug fixes....

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Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where some companion missions wouldn't be completed if player clicked on companions tab in the report screen before they got back.
  • Fixed an issue with Caer Guendoleu siege scene (not being able to work ram)
  • Fixed issue with Pen Rhioydd siege scene, troops drowning in mote before able to reach walls
  • Fixed possible issue with some marriage dialogs
  • Fixed a op-code error with castle hunts
  • Fixed a possible op-code error when raiding villages
  • Fixed a bug where factions would keep offering player alliance, even if already allied
  • Fixed a potential bug with provocation quest
  • Fixed a bug that spawned a troop twice at court if family member was also players minister
  • Fixed a bug in some of the menus that fire when player continues as child after death.
  • Fixed a bug that let you place your young children as ministers
  • Fixed an issue in dialog code that didn't give proper choices / answers when seeking out marriage candidates, mostly for female players, but also lords not mentioning
    daughters for male players.
  • Fixed an issue with rulers not giving proper answer in dialog when asking to marry them.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped Guild Chroniclers from spawning in towns with a merchant rest hall
  • Fixed a bug where building a scriptorium wouldn't save or would add a scriptorium to town even if not built yet.
  • Fixed a bug that stopped some companions being spawned in camp scene
  • Fixed a potential bug when supporting Mab during main story quests.
  • Fixed an issue with rest moral, no more moral hits while you are camping
  • Fixed a possible bug in kill lord script where some quests were not aborted
  • Fixed an issue with lord trials not killing / removing the lords from play after choosing to be-head them.
  • Fixed a op-code error when sending emissaries.
  • Fixed some floating objects
  • Fixed a few villages where fugitive wasn't spawning
  • Fixed a potential issue when a lady took over as kingdom rulers.
  • Fixed a bug in rebellion scripts if leader being rebelled against was killed, but still had an heir.
  • Fixed a bug in rebellion scripts that would say rebels successful even if it wasn't them that defeated the kingdom.
  • Fixed some bugs in dialog
  • Fixed a new 4.0 bug with leader deaths and inheritance sometimes not passing crown properly to heirs.
  • Fixed an issue with info pages.
  • Fixed a bug/crash when attacking fisher boats
  • Fixed a bug where player wasn't aging.
  • Other minor tweaks and bug fixes

New Stuff:

  • Added a levy system for both player kingdoms and AI, you can now call the Kingdom Levy if at war
  • You can now start the game as a ruler of a major faction and chose from over 30+ of the starting kingdoms to be your faction
  • Tweaked battle codes a bit, should be a little less choppy now during large battles. (but should still keep setting under 300 max on field)
  • Added two new invasions, one for mid game around 520ad and another for late game around 550ad
  • Added two new invasion factions, the Iclingas (founders of Mercia), and the Angle Bernician's (founders of Northumbria)
  • Added ability to change time progression in mod settings, you can now set each month equals one season, so 4 months per game year and thus speeding up time for children and invasions'.
  • Levys, patrols and mercs can now join player in battles if close by
  • Tweaked diplomacy code a bit factions will offer more treaties with friends.
  • Female players ruling a kingdom can now start courting and possibly marry a faction leader's son even if in a different faction, once married if their husband's father dies and husband was main
    heir their old kingdom will join and unite with players kingdom.
  • Added same possibility for male players who are married to princesses, if princess was main hier their old kingdom joins players kingdom.
  • Added new player funeral if you die and continue as your offspring
  • Your chamberlain and constable will now have different outfits depending on your culture
  • Battles will now turn foggy after casting weather magic
  • Added to / tweaked story and chronical display
  • Your courting panel in reports screen was expanded for female players
  • Tweaked some dialog a bit
  • Added new dialog to support new features
  • Female players can now ask about family relatives when talking to kings about marriage.
  • Dishonorable male players can now force a marriage with lady's after one poem reciting
  • Tweaked Tavern news a bit.
  • Added to / made tavern news more fitting to where player was asking. eg. no more hearing about Alt Clut if talking to a tavern keeper in Francia.
  • Added newscript to help move any stuck parties on map. (eg. Pict lords getting stuck in the far north). script will now move stuck lords to where they where going after an
    allotted time.
  • Added ability for player's kingdom NPC lords to have children the same as other kingdoms.
  • NPC children's names have been adjusted to reflex culture more.
  • Tweaked some autumn trees (colour/look)
  • Added some quests
  • polished some scenes
  • Added a new tavern scene

jesus christ man, this is cool

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Great! Thx for the update.

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Downloading now. Can't wait!

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hi loving the mod, how do i upgrade the fort to a castle?

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