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To celebrate the Steam page being up, here is a new Gameplay trailer that shows off the new graphics and interface of .Age as well as a few events! Wishlist now!

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Hello, fellow elders!

Yeah, you heard it right: an update from .Age after all this time!

The development of the game has been continuing in the shadows for quite some time, and I have been oning my skills in the design, graphics, and zX department to make the best .Age I can!

We are getting closer and closer to release, with a closed beta starting soon.

More importantly, you can now wishlist .Age on Steam! We also have a new gameplay video to celebrate the occasion.

So, what changed during these years? Well, almost everything, really, but here are a few notes:

  • Graphics redone: All the graphics inside the game have been redrawn for am ore coherent style. Also, cutscenes, Pip names, and a lot more!
  • Free-move animations: Creatures and Pips now react to the state of the village, with a lot of emphasis on the scales. For example, if the village is hot, Pips will start commenting on the weather and cleaning their foreheads!
  • Dozens of new buildings, events, and resources: we now have more than 300 events in!
  • Random start generation and terrains: the terrain system is now more procedural and allows for higher variety of starting placements.
  • New Elders: you will now be able to unlock new elders as you play the game. They will change rules for each playthough!
  • UX & UI redone: most of the time I spent on the game has been about polishing and fixing the UX & UI, so that all the UI elements have been redone completely. Notable examples are the Building Menu and Research Tree you can see below. Each trait now has its own icon and explaination. Also, tooltips everywhere!
  • Game balance: The whole Fate system has been redone from scratch, multiple times, in order to find a good balance between events' risks and danger. There is still some work that must be done, but the beta will be there just for that!
  • Agepedia redone: the Agepedia is now very, very informative.
  • Gameplay changes: The gameplay also changed a lot, apart from countless quality-of-life features, here are a few things that could be of interest: dozens of status ailments for pips and buildings, terrain changing projects, social features, achievements, a new full-fledged unlock system.

We also now have a Discord channel, so take a peek if you want to keep updated on the game!

Here are a few screenshots of the new game graphics:

screen 05

screen 01

screen 02

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