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This is a forwarding of a monthly update post from the wiki which might make some of this seem kind of meta or confusing at points. Last month, I lied. Sorry. THIS month, we do a video. And there's a good reason why.

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This is a forwarding of a monthly update post from the wiki which might make some of this seem kind of meta or confusing at points.

Last month, I lied. Sorry. THIS month, we do a video. And there's a good reason why.

There's Something Out There

We're on ModDB now, a choice I somewhat unintentionally held off on because for a long time I never used nor much cared for ModDB's general layout. Though a couple of friends kind of encouraged it and one night on a whim I just kinda posted AGDoom figuring it'd be an alright idea. Then, the mod practically exploded (I mean, in terms of how I've seen AGDoom perform). At its peak it neared the top 800, and it got about 225 downloads, on V2.2. I was very surprised how much more "accessible" it seemed to release it on ModDB, I kind of never figured it would get any more traction than the standard releases as seen on the ZDoom Forums and Doomworld.

So, my opinion on ModDB has shifted rather dramatically and I'm pleasantly surprised to see people cover the mod in video showcases on YouTube. So, life is good. The mod is good. Speaking of, there's a release just around the corner for V3.β; a few months later than I anticipated but the update's a pretty big deal. Lots of new enemies, some new difficulties, FX, watching people play 2.2 I can't even stomach it honestly, it's so... old, and bad. But they've just yet to see the light basically.

So check out the ModDB page. Share the link around if you wanna help the mod's performance, I have a feeling ModDB is essentially going to be the main repository to get the mod and updates and information about it. It definitely offers that kind of modularity.

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

There a huge, like, 50-minute long Sentinel Aerialist gameplay showcase playing through Knee-Deep in the Dead, with all the new enemies and stuff. It's a great way to get an understanding of what's to come in this upcoming version, and it'll be shown in the video version of this monthly update which hopefully won't take me weeks to do, considering the release for V3.β is like, around the corner. All that needs to be done are some various SFX overhauls and tweaks, small balances and finishing up the Sentinel's weapon roster which is more done than that probably sounds. Hell by the time you're watching the video version of this some of those things I just may already be finished. We'll see.

As I've been saying I anticipate the release of V3.β to be within a week or so, give or take, depending on how things go and if any insane bugs or something comes up. I would go into detail about some of the stuff added, but it's mostly been stuff that I've been talking about for the past few months, at this rate it's just refinements. I guess I could talk about the Sentinel's weapon roster. It mostly consists of my trademark approach to making weird guns that are oddly effective, kind of following the trend seen with the Legionary and the Rogrinian, though more Rogrinian than Legionary. His starting weapon is a rifle that can fire semi-auto or in a burst if you hold the fire button down, while his shotgun is an auto-shotgun with a rechamber that varies on how long you fired (up to six consecutive shots). These two weapons are designed in a way to make it so that they don't fall off as hard later on than other starting weapons for the other classes, due to their modularity. You'll see me practically use only them in the showcase video, but that's mainly because his mid-tier weapons need some serious tweaking because I had hardly tested them up until that point and yeah, they're way underpowered. This is an easy fix though and chances are it'll have already been fixed by the time of posting.

There's some other neat features. Equipping weapons makes a sound now, for instance. The HUD has more numerical information to understand your current class' HP/shield ratings. There's a universal HUD font as well instead of hard-baked images and stuff. Mostly minor stuff, sure, but it's important nonetheless. Oh, and a new title screen because those are kinda fun to make.

The Inscrutable

Normally this last section is where I tell you I've been considering killing myself but for once things have been pretty nice in my personal life, not that there's much to talk about though. I went to a fair and some girl flirted with me, plus a couple days later people actually started noticing the mod exists, so things have been great and progress on the mod has been great by proxy. If there's one thing that tanks my mood it's the feeling that I'm not fucking doing anything with my life and that can be a nasty spiral to go down.

But I'm not gonna plague this section with much life news because there's hardly any worth mentioning. I've been trying to move for like, three quarters of a year now, please god help me. Except once V3.β is out I'm going to actually finally do that, once I have a clear conscience on the mod having something to show for being away for months. Once V3.β comes out it might be a couple weeks before I have anything to say or show about the mod because I'll be preoccupied with that whole moving thing, and probably getting a job. Although if things go well financially and time becomes an issue I'll be sure to somehow get things done for AGD to some capacity, probably hire a sprite artist to start doing graphical overhauls of the weapons that just look plain bad (Nova Trooper).

WHATEVER. That's it for this month. I know, not much to say, I'm sorry, there's a new release coming that should be enough I hope. And a video. That should hold you over.

This has been Dewm. See you starside. Song for this month's subject.

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