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A massive update for Afterwind has just been released, adding Custom maps and many other things. Meanwhile, the game changed the name to atWar: Art of Strategy.

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After months of hard work, atWar is finally open to everyone. We have said our goodbyes to Afterwind, and are now looking steadily into the future. Some of the players are rather overly-nostalgic - but this is always unavoidable, unless we decide to halt all progress on the game. Personally, we are rather pleased with the result and are really excited about all the custom maps and scenarios popping up.

New features include:

- Custom maps! We've already got dozens of fantastic user-made maps, including Westeros (Game of Thrones), Middle-earth (Lord of the Rings) and detailed regional maps. You can create your own maps, scenarios and units as well with a built-in editor!
- Population casualties. City population now receives collateral damage when a city is attacked. This new mechanic influences city income and reinforcements.
- Game interface got a major facelift and additional graphics and animation were added.
- The game changed the name to atWar, with the new address:
- Watch the new unreasonably epic trailer here:
There's a lot more - read the full release notes here:

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