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ST: Aftermath breaks from Legacy modding tradition and opts out for a heavily stylized game worlds apart from all other Legacy offerings. Aftermath is the first project of its type to introduce a semi-persistent world to Legacy: the 'Berratta Verge'.

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Aftermath has been around for a few years now starting things off with the Stage 1 release. Over a period of 2 years, Aftermath quickly grew and spawned many ground breaking releases that changed Legacy and the modding community. This news is to explain what Aftermath 2010 is shaping up to be.

Aftermath is set in an area of space known as 'The Berratta Verge'. This area of space has only recently been discovered after the collapse of the Borg Hive network. The only race to have any records of this area of space are the Borg and their records are inconsistent at best. From records gathered from a heavily damaged Borg Cube drifting outside the Verge, there are at least 14 systems in the Berratta Verge. The Borg have tried to probe the area of space for the last 200 years and have come up with nothing. Countless Borg ships have been lost in this area of space, drifting and rotting away cut off from the rest of the Collective. The last Borg stronghold in the Berratta Verge was at a system called 'Nepera Dissi'. With everyone from Starfleet through to the Vulcans on the run to explore this area of space and the ever curious Borg exploring their new found freedom, the Berratta Verge is the latest secret to unravel from the collapse of the Collective and the Transwarp network.

Apart from the locale of Aftermath, everything else is in the process of changing. In comes a stylized version of ST never before seen within the Legacy or general ST community. This is not your average Star Trek. Aftermath 2010 is the final evolution in the Aftermath lineage. A very different world of Star Trek is forming. Much darker, unforgiving, vengeful and brutal. Total chaos is the name of the game. Every race you know and love have been re-imagined in a much darker theme. With each race getting a new identity, the way in which we have all seen the races on all mediums before will never feel the same.

From the curiousness of the Borg to the savage primitive behavior of the Klingons, this new ideal of Star Trek will not be for everyone...


Certainly sounds interesting. And looks great too.

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