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So were done with a new map two new weapons and some new features!

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Aftermath 0.3a

Release date: 25th July ( Uploaded )

So we finished the mod ( finally ) with a new map, two new weapons and some new features! expect some images up soon ( some will also be added to this news ) and on the 25th after we have tested some more expect the download in your update boxes!

We will try and have a server or two up on the release date which i may be playing/waiting on so lookout for some servers. If you have any questions or want to help out then comment below, pm me or use the email below.

Whats next:

:: Elemental zombies ( and weapons )
:: New zombie skins
:: New zombie spawns ( is it a plane, is it a bird no its a zombie! )
:: Boss balancing
:: Lag reduction with capped zombies
:: New zombies (?)
:: Crawling zombies
:: Laser sights ( Workbench item )
:: Map fixes, changes and optimization's
:: Weapon dropping ( for player trading "ill give you my mac10 for your mp5" )
:: Weapon naming
:: Custom loading screens (?)

? = if possible

0.3a Fixes:
Fixed values not being reset on respawn ( Frags, hopwire, molotov, zombie kills/headshots )
Fixed bug were if someone left the game as spectator the game would reset
Fixed bug were if someone left the game as a alive player the game wouldnt reset
Fixed bug were a zombie would try and go up the stairs in havoc to get to a player
Fixed weapon point values in all maps
Fixed missing texture in diehard
Fixed bug were zombies would try and hit barriers that they dont spawn at
Edited zombie hit damage as is know at a max of 54 for boss and 38 for normal
Fixed combos not running out
Fixed shooting with knife
Fixed katana only be able to decap if zombie health is below 70
Added zombie limiter to zombie spawner
Added you get points for a instant kill
Rebalanced zombie health
Rebalanced zombie hit damage
Added you get bonus points form a boss kill from 50 - 150
Added you get 5 zombie kills giving you a combo ( pickup ) when you kill a boss
Added timer to barrier repair


Remember to like our facebook page for more recent updates and extra images: here
If you want to join our team email me here on or send me a pm here

Demondays1 - - 144 comments

YES! Was really looking forward for this update!

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Dieger - - 612 comments


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Dune_Jumper - - 1,586 comments

*Crowed cheering*

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mrbeezwax - - 12 comments

aw yea, thanks for the hard work <3!

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Tingtom Author
Tingtom - - 820 comments

thanks for noticing :), ive been some bad stuff recently and its been quite hard.

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100gram!_ - - 30 comments

? = if possible

There is nothing imposible :)

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Physika - - 87 comments

I noticed in Condemned that some of the boards still don't allow to be shot between. I don't know if you're aware of that since it's been there since 0.2a and is still there in 0.3a.

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