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An extract from the recent interview with author Remigiusz Michalski by Adventure Gamers.

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Ingmar: It seems like The Cat Lady will be quite refreshing when it comes to its game mechanics.

Rem: Well, I think it is refreshing and I hope players will like it too. Watching YouTube playthrough videos of the demo, it seems the controls are easy enough to understand and become quite natural after a couple of minutes. The best thing about this interface is that it enables me to put in a lot of these region-triggered events that happen when you walk into certain areas. That can obviously be done in a traditional point-and-click interface, but it just doesn't have the same impact.

I wanted to make sure that things move from dialogues to puzzle solving sections and to action sequences constantly. There's one or two scenes that could be only described as Quick Time Events, but they're there mostly to surprise players and not to test their fingers. Also, every chapter in the game has its own unique identity. There are more than enough different locations and sudden shifts in the narrative to keep things exciting...

But most of all, I think I just wanted to do something different, you know? A little experiment. I played this game called Killer 7 a few years ago (which I managed to find in a tiny game shop at the end of town after a long search) and I was really excited to try it, because I'd always read so many good things about it, and how its interface was refreshingly new and weird... but when I finally played it, I hated it. So, these experiments can really backfire badly in some cases, and it's a risk that some people might feel like that about The Cat Lady's interface... but it can also prove successful and hopefully it's a risk worth taking. I certainly like it, and so far players' reactions have been largely positive.

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