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We aren't dead! Been workin hard to have a PC demo by the end of the year! Havent updated in a while so here is a random update of sorts. Have a look!

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Hiya! Its been a while since we posted an update so I just wanted to jump back on here and let everyone know that we are all alive and kicking! It's been a busy month of development for Adventure Craft as we have been constructing the game world and ironing some things out for the upcoming PC demo.

We have been adding some new status elements to the character. You are now notified if you become hungry, which will give you a chance to start looking for food before the staving status effect kicks in and you start dying!

The player also has a air meter now that pops up if his head goes underwater without any sort of breathing equipment. You will begin drowning once you enter deep water. Walking through water will also now slow down the player. I have also added this feature to non aquatic enemies so if they chase you into water they can drown too!

There are also a variety of new enemies to encounter as well like this plant monster below. Lucky for me, that's just a dried up dead one. A live one is super lethal as well as poisonous! And I have been working on some more stuff to communicate to the player that they are leaving the relative safety of the spawn area. These stone walls with goblin etchings on them serve as a warning. I prob shouldn't be out here in my underwear but I'm crazy like that.

The night time gameplay is also getting really exciting! You can now easily find yourself facing a huge horde of Dark Zombies and Takers. So you really need to be prepared if you are out at night!

Thanks for reading! If you think Adventure Craft looks like fun and you would like to help it's development, please share this link => so that people know it exists, on your preferred social media site! Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit etc... The link will direct them to the game's page on IndieDB! Thank you!

Any feedback that you would like to leave in the comment section below is appreciated. If you wanna ask me anything about Adventure Craft or just want to say hello, you can follow me on Twitter @iENDERi I post updates there regularly and love talking to people about gaming and game development!

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