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Exposure from the latest Indie Royale has been great, and garnered some well-deserved critisism!

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The Mayan Mystery was fortunate enough to be a part of IR's Stuffing Bundle, and as a first attempt at game creation, was a true honour and thrill!

Along with the massive increase in exposure came a massive increase in critisism, and while it is a harsh experience to go through, is necessary in order to create a game with the level of polish players come to expect these days.

The overwhelming comment was about the controls. More specifically, the difficulty in timing jumps! It turns out that the speed of the player movements was hampering this, so slowing Mitch down a tad made EVERYTHING a lot easier to deal with.

A few video reviews were made, and it was really helpful seeing them, as it pointed out a couple flaws that have been sorely overlooked...

Issues that have been fixed:

  • The control scheme on keyboard does admittedly take getting used to, but for those who prefer using a gamepad, it would be very frustrating. So, while no in-game code has been implemented, a copy of Joy2Key is now part of all download files, so you can set up the controls you prefer:)
  • It was also pointed out that if you lost all your lives and continued, items you would need to re-collect would be gone. That's been taken care of, so now you shouldn't get stuck having to start the game from the beginning (without dying!).
  • Two little things brought to my attention as well was a random purple screen that would appear if you hit the W key (it's not intended until much further into the game), and there was a save room where if you saved without bombs, you'd get stuck...or forced to restart over and over. Either way, a pain in the butt. These too, have been fixed up!

As is part of the whole game making process, I'm sure other things will pop up down the road, but with these latest updates, I'm really hoping that everyone finds the game a lot easier to play and enjoy!

The updated file should be ready to go in the next couple days here on Desura. The demo version is good to go however, and has the same fixes, so if you haven't already played it (or played the old version), please have the latest version a try. I think you'll like it! :)

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