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The Thursday Update 10/06/2010 This update contains the updated information about the game including the work on the AI and on our next map made for the next release.

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Well here it is, the Thursday update.

Although there is not much to report on, as work has slowed due to the end of college and assignments needing to be done and handed in with in close sucsession, we have inproved some things throughout the engine.

The first thing is the AI is now much smarter, it can detect the players location and work out the quickest, or slowest, way to get there - avoiding all objects and unlocked doors as it goes.
Secondly - we have decided on the method and implementation of the zombie horde! Once this is added the zombies will spawn in rounds and in waves during those rounds, gradually getting quicker and harder, this ties in with the first point - as the zombies get smarter, they take shorter routes, so be careful!

The other thing that is important is that we have got the basis of the next level done and we are hoping to release this map with the beta.

Apologies for the lack of progress! College work calls and it isn't happy.

So until next Thursday
Keep watching


P.S Foxx did some editing here + Added bits :)
I'll make up for my lack of updates with many images until next week.

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