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This recent update address several issues previously in the first Alpha build and news of the upcoming live streaming session.

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A big shout out to those who downloaded and tested the alpha demo who provided feedback in order to fine tune the game. Some of the issues were already noted but just couldn't be fixed in time for the release. DOWNLOAD

These downloads are only available for ONE WEEK.
As it is an Alpha build, you may find glitches, bugs and other issues. Help us to stomp them out by reporting them from the menu in the game.


  • Weird character angle after running.
  • Sonic's sun tan color scheme: (Orange coloration).
  • Moving whilst crouching.
  • Icy/sliding movement physics.
  • Push-able block character rotation.
  • Character jump ball location.
  • Character positioning on Pulley & Winch.
  • Jump & Trick jump pad ejection speeds.
  • Character attempts to wall jump everything.
  • Removed annoying sound notification when near a hazard.

New Additions:

  • Implemented 'benchmark' button on main menu to set the game to run at optimum settings to the players PC hardware.
  • Can now pause the game via the Esc key, Pause key and controller right special button.
  • Damage system integration.
  • Various visual effects.
  • Additional animations.
  • Replaced bridge mesh.
  • All Elemental shields have their intended functionality working.
  • Proper Spin dash functionality.

Wall jumping and the trick jump pad is currently being refactored and not present in this build of the sandbox demo.

ADR Tech demo 2008 rebuild
A lot of you guys have asked time and again for a rebuild of the old 2008 demo and due to real life priorities and work schedules it has been pushed back time and again. This coming Saturday (29th January 2022) at 9pm GMT with myself (Dekrayzis) and Timmeh (TimN) will begin streaming live the development on this sub project of the game. So drop on by, ask questions, get a behind the scenes look at the original level in Unreal engine 2 as we break it down and expose its hidden secrets as we plan together the new version and commence building with the Ares framework within Unreal engine 5.


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