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Additional Units Mod - Rome (AUM-ROM) 2.6 has been released.

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Helvetii Solduros

AUM-ROM 2.6 - vanilla version
AUM-ROM 1.9 - vanilla version

AUM-ROM 2.6 - Radious mod version
AUM-ROM 1.9 - Radious mod version

I released my AUM-ROM 2.6.

Here is my Total War Center thread with all details about the mod:

Vanilla version

Radious version


The Mod launcher of Rome 2 has changed. Check the button "Enable out-of-date mods" within the Rome 2 Mod launcher. There is a new warning screen and choose "Ignore this warning".

Here is the original information from Creative Assembly:

!!! It is mandatory to use the new patch with the AUM-ROM vanilla version and the AUM-ROM Radious version !!!

- fully save game compatible if you started already a new campaign with the new patch/DLC
- it should be save game compatible if you use an old campaign and play further with the new patch/DLC. But it is highly recommended by the developers to start a new campaign to fully benefit from all their changes and updates.
- adapted both AUM-ROM versions fully technically to the new patch/DLC
- adapted the feature "Fame levels changes" related to the new patch/DLC
- adapted the feature "Vanilla mercenaries recruitment chances" related to the new patch/DLC
- tested the included "Rome 2 Custom Battle Crash Fix" by RYAN related to the new patch/DLC and it is working
- all custom units are not available in the two new DLC's "Empire Divided" and "Rise of the Republic". The reason is because they use both a different time frame and my units wouldn't fit good into these time frames. I listed the
details on my Total War Center thread about which units can be recruited in which campaigns.

AUM-ROM vanilla thread on

AUM-ROM Radious thread on

I updated also the language translations project UPC-ROM to the new patch and DLC.

Please read the informations, installation instructions and the complete changelog on my AUM-ROM thread.

Swiss Halberdier

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