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Some goodies this mod includes, the main ones are explained earlier Enjoy people K

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  • More Field battles due to enlarged map and field intercepting AI.
  • More realistic movement rates on the campaign map.
  • Reduced Pirates and Rebel spawn rates
  • Improved Merchants. (Merchants are now far more important and competitive)
  • Diseases for characters
  • Rebellions
  • Family Member Royal Bloodline tracking.
  • Improved Princesses including Islamic Princesses
  • Simulated Faction Councils and Government Positions
  • Improved Technology Tree
  • Unit recruitment within specific buildings
  • Recruitable Early Period and Late Period Generals. Including Dismounted Generals for certain factions.
  • Building Costs and Times increased to balance with the longer campaign. This gives you a challenging game that forces you to manage your economy.
  • Ranked Experience Bonus for Agents (Priest,Spy,Assassin,Merchant,Diplomat) from improved buildings
  • Improved Unit Textures
  • Re-skinned Byzantium Faction
  • Inquisitors toned down
  • Heretics toned down
  • Cavalry charges are powerful, but beware of spearmen.
  • Added all the dismounted versions of Order units
  • Guns now require line of sight. No arching bullets.
  • New AI and Player Formations
  • Improved AI Siege capability. Reduced AI bunching up in front of the gate
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