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Some changes have been done in ZombieWar. We like to show you the recent and important changes we've made.

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Hello dear readers and followers,

we want to show you some of the last features added to ZombieWar, that will be available in the beta:
- ZombieInvaders as a minigame (will be available as "zombie purge" function in the maincity)
- Pickup-trucks, that can be found while looting cities and give a speed-bonus on doing tasks
- Multicamp-System, you are now not longer dependant on that, what you can do in your maincity. You can now build camps on dirt-fields to gather ressources faster.
- The building of a bakery now delivers the function to produce bread in existence of cereals and water and an oven
- Birth-System, with a small probability people can now birth children (Introducion of male and female survivors)
- Research-Function, with a built research facility in your buildings, you can now research some things (These researchitems will be upgraded with the next version)
- In a built melter you can now produce iron or copperpipes out of gathered ores in your mine

We're now hardly working on fixing some issues to give you the best feeling while testing it out in beta.

You can register for the beta with the given link to the right side.

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