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Here you can find actual set of updates for Crazy cheater's mod

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Deployment algorithm

1. Install GTA Vice City. CCM tested with original (compact disk / Ghost installer) version. No guarantees for Steam and other versions.

2. Download the deployment module from GitHub (v 11.5). Since v 10, this tool allows you to download all needed packages and updates for all our mods, including this one. According to Applications development policy (ADP), DPModule is payments-free, ads-free, hidden-functionality-free and completely safe to use.

3. Start DPModule. Confirm your acquaintance with ADP if needed.

4. Download Crazy cheater's mod package from the list of mods and games (double-click on it).

Actual setup assembly version: 1.1b

Actual setup assembly PCC: 14748FD46F5C2739

5. Select downloaded packages by double-clicking in the list of downloaded packages. Press Next button to perform installation steps in suggested order.

You must set installation path correctly: it must be the same path that was specified during the 'GTA Vice City' installation.

If you want to place all hidden packages, frenzies and stunt jumps on the golf club's bridge, you just need to start new game. Otherwise (if you need original packages and frenzies placement) replace main.scm with _normal.scm, begin new game, save it and replace main.scm with _adjusted.scm.

WARNING: this mod may invalidate existent save files! New game save is strongly recommended!

Special notes

  1. You needn't to sequentially install all set of updates. Just use actual package that is linked here.
  2. If you want to remove the mod, just launch DPModule.exe again and select uninstallation mode. It will restore original game files.
  3. If you have 'path not found' error during installation, launch DPModule and use tray icon's context menu to specify correct mod's installation directory. Also you can use it to change interface language of deployment utility (if needed).
  4. If you use Windows XP or Windows 7, you will probably need to install Microsoft's DotNetFX40 first. Newer Windows versions often contain this version of .NET Framework by default.
  5. Please, don't use versions that are not presented on this page. These files may be out of date or may be not properly tested and assembled. We cannot be responsible for their functionality!

Actual updates log

Version 1.1b - Replacement for obsolete package's version

Version 1.1 - Cumulative fixes and improvements

Adds this fix for collision data and some other improvements to previous assembly

Version 1.0 - First release of 10 years of modifications

Initial changes are described here

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