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Players!! New Acolyte! Will in next patch :DDD


New acolyte revealed!! Enjoy it :DD

Warcraft IV Patch 1.0.1 Coming!

Patch Notes:

Wrath of the Lich King:
- Campaign english fixed
- Campaign have new dialogs and changed story (Lady Vashj now isn't Lich King's ally, only prisoner.)
- New Campaign Icon

Shadow of the Necropolis:
- Undead have now new birth animation
- New Icons and Models
- New Ability Effect for Anti Magic Shell
- New Textures
- Some bugs fixed
- New Exp Bar effect
- New Loading Bar effect
- Kel'Thuzad (WoW) model folder :D you can use him in your maps
path: Kel'Thuzad.blp

When you apply patch, you will have new models, icons, textures and all what is in patch, used in all maps (DotA, Warcraft III melee, custom.) = In all maps :P


i think the first one looks cooler, although maybe a fusion of both would be best.
the clothes and the shoulderguards toghether with all the gems and golden stuff are the catch of th first model.

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Patrick-SK Author

Yes, but i need know which lich is better for use.

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