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The legendary mod for Blitzkrieg game is now on ModDB!

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Hello all Blitzkrieg fans!

Yes, it's true, the legendary Achtung Panzer mod for Blitzkrieg game comes to ModDB now!

Since 7th September 2006, when the mod was originally released on BK Portal websites, it quickly became the most popular and the most downloaded mod for Blitzkrieg on BK Portal ever recorded. Even though BK Portal has been closed in 2009, my Blitzkrieg mod collection was still available on GordonCZ Works websites for years afterwards. However, those websites had to be closed recently as well, as I could no longer maintain them, mostly due to my free-time constraints as well as because I have been developing no more mods for Blitzkrieg since 2010.

You can use artillery support now Effective weaponry coordination is possible

After the closure of GordonCZ Works websites, I have been asked from you guys for some alternative download sources of my mods, so that the remaining Blitzkrieg players could still download and play them, but there was no other such comprehensive source of GordonCZ mods for Blitzkrieg anywhere else on the internet. Therefore, I decided to dig in my file archives and see what I could find there for you and re-publish it online again...

Fortunately, I managed to recover nearly all materials previously available on GordonCZ Works websites and thanks to ModDB, I'm able to make it available for you again now.

You can provide fighter cover to your bombers Urban warfare - infantry vs. tanks

Achtung Panzer mod allows you to play a German grand-campaign consisting of 32 challenging missions mainly on large-scale maps which will thoroughly test your commanding skills. As a German commander, you will go through Poland, Belgium and France, North Africa, various battles on the Eastern Front, in Italy or Ardennes.

Enjoy the best from the classic Blitzkrieg gameplay with the largest German Campaign ever created for Blitzkrieg game!

There's more to come soon...

As I mentioned above, I managed to recover practically my entire collection of Blitzkrieg mods, so you can be sure, Achtung Panzer is not the only one of my mods going to be available here on ModDB. There are more of them coming soon... Actually, all of them!

You can already check Plan R4 and Operation Blau, which were released on ModDB just a day ahead of Achtung Panzer.

To see all my mods at one spot, you can also visit a GordonCZ Works group site here on ModDB, where you will find links to all my mods I have uploaded in here so far.


Been 12 years since my initial BK campaign, which I enjoyed, and back with BK installation. After vanilla re-walking through, decided to give a try to some mods, and German reworked campaign seemed to be a nice choice. Well, after having player 5 to 6 missions, have to say this one is so groovy! The tasks are massive, intriguing, smart, some deal with micro-management, while other have complete domination in the air with 6-8 Stukas working together. This is great mod, I enjoy plaing it, thanks for being online with this old good game!

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