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In your standard MOBA game, there are very limited rewards. IP (in LoL terms) provides an in-game currency that allows players to buy champions or runes (among other things such as pictures). This really is the only reward you can get from playing the game. I feel there should be a variety of rewards that a player can get through playing the game, and the level of rewards that you get should be based on ticking boxes during any specific game.

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An example would be that you get rewarded for playing the game through till the end, this means that players will be less likely to leave the game prior to finishing it. Another good example would be to have a fleshed out reward system that offers achievements and other rewards for doing good deeds within a game, this could be anything from placing wards to assisting kills (rather than getting them). At the end of every game, the player would be rewarded based on the number of good deeds they do during the process of the game itself.
This system would be fleshed out even more to become the ranked method of shifting from the standard win/lose structure. The standard parts will be in place meaning that if you play a game and the other team are 'supposed' to win based on their MMR/ELO and your team wins the game; you will get additional points to rise up the leaderboard. But this system would do a great deal to aid ranked play by reducing the number of LP you gain or lose when within a game. If you place a great deal of wards within a ranked game, you may lose less LP if you lost the game (of course this can all be balanced to ensure players arn't abusing the system).
The game should have an entire achievements system where each account has an amounting number of achievement points. This way players would come back to the game again and again to get more and more achievement points. The achievements should all be designed in a specific way to teach players new and changing aspects of the game. An example, a champion has recently been nerfed to offer counterplay, an achievement could be put in place to show off the counter play that was added to the game, exposing the champion's weak points.
As for the specifics of the rewards that you could get through the reward system, players could get the in-game currency, this may able to be changed into the paid for currency at a certain rate meaning people could grind for anything they want within the game's scope, this would again encourage players to come back and play more, a sense of progression within the game. Other rewards could be similar to the way DOTA works with skins, rather than getting a skin as a whole (entire skins could be purchased through the store) players could work toward skin sections such as shoulder pieces for a specific skin and dress the champion how they wish with the different skin segments. Another idea which would work with this system would be a fully fledged crafting system where players could get some scrap materials through playing the game and craft parts of skins and other items.
All of these features add a little more value to the game to get players coming back and enjoying the rewarding play the game offers.

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