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Oh crap, what the heck have I got myself into now... ^^;;

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Hey guys, girls and /M section of 4chan :O

Yup, back again for another post after lurking yet again through chan only to find that in one of my fav sections... namely /M, that someone had decided to post about the project :O

I already wanted to please whoever was lurking the project site here, or who was watching it to see what would happen, but now I guess my audience just got larger and more... only word I can say is interesting, anyway I hope with the animation I can atleast bring new stuff to the AC universe and also build apon any fan views of it.

So , with a game developer conference that I am going to soon, and taking my portfolio with me I need to of course get something special done as all I have at the moment is models and levels, so... I decided to make a test animation for the con, with the AC stuff I am currently making, I have been busy tweeking the textures, but they still look really.... crap to me, so I need to research and find better scratch brushes for photoshop cause I have a tutorial on how to use them effectively, just no good brushes :/

The test animation I will be working on is going to be basically a flight test of "Limit Breaker", I am thinking currently of what to do with the targets, seeing as low poly + baking an AC does take some time, I may have them all as either simple targets , drones or push my luck seeing as I have 2 weeks and go for a full tank style AC.

Either way, you guys can see it as a test of what to expect out of the project, like I said , 2 weeks and I`ll post it here and youtube along with pictures.


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