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When I first created the AC Infinity group along with Corax, I totally didn't expect the VT community to grow like that. I do not think all the credit is due to us; far from it, it's Vector Thrut's arrival in the first place that made all of this possible.

I really didn't expect ACI would get over 30 members so fast, and that number is still growing. However, while the ammount of members grew, the ammount of content has stood still. I have to admit, it pains me somehow; not having uploaded anything decent for a while.

I however haven't been completely inactive. There are things I made and am working on right now which would be a huge boost to the Vector Thrust modding scene.

Besides planes and skins, there are other things in works as of late. More people have grown aware of VT's existence and saw it as an opportunity to set right what once went wrong with AC: Assault Horizon and the downfall it had once ignited.

This means, mostly, that more people besides me would post content, and so far, I know a couple of people on this group who want and will post content.
I am openly asking, however, that if anybody in this group has made content for VT that he wishes to share, that he/she MPs/contacts me, and I'll see what I can do to get it uploaded.

I am working on things on my own, of course, and I don't wish to remain just an admin to this group. It's just what I'm working on is terribly complex and time taking; but the result will be worth the wait.
Right now, however, I cannot reveal what it will be about yet; All i can say is that I wish it to be functional, stable and flexible enough before to unveil what it is :) .

About uploading skins, though: VT now handles an upgraded skin system, making sharing of usermade skin content a lot more easier and intuitive. These are the .skin files ( which are just text ) in each plane's folder, with one .skin file per skin. This allows for an extremely modulable application of custom skins.

For uploading them here, I'd recommend having them in a .zip file containing the following: A preview picture ( for the addon thumbnail here on ModDB ), the .DDS texture file for the skin, the .SKIN definition file, and a .txt with due credits just in case. Of course, it's unnecessary to upload the plane's original Specular texture file, unless you made your own.

My first move to maintain the group here will be to update all the uploaded content with the appropriate files to make them work with the updated VT definition systems, the skin files, especially.

Have fun, and happy modding / dogfighting!


I'm working on experimenting my first aircraft for VT while still learning about the game content while modeling.

It would be nice for directions to properly rig aircraft mesh such as flaps, vertical rudders and vector nozzles and how to link it to pitch and yaw movement via script.

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You're probably looking for this

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Belka is with you.

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